Climate dream news

Time to Act is proposing a series of activist platforms to engage young thinkers to express their views on climate change. The first project, Climate Dreams, is an application that brings the use of filters to communicate dreams, concerns, and to call others to action, using social media as a tool to extend the reach of their ideas.
The Climate Dreams app and expression filters will place the user in an emergency scenario linked to the climate issue, such as in a fire, drought, flood, or border control linked to the issue of forced migration. The user will have 15 seconds to communicate his or her vision on what could stop the advance of climate change. The app will be available on the APP Store and the expression filters will be available on Instagram, but they will also be presented in offline installations in high-traffic locations around the world.
The aim of these installations is to engage the traveling public in the campaign and raise their awareness about the effects of climate issues on human life on the planet. Provoking people to engage in changing patterns of consciousness for the future of human life. Questions of the drivers of global warming and degradation of our environment should trouble us in this experience.
The proposal addresses several themes within the climate crisis.
Thus, the perception of the need to put an end to the exploitation of fossil fuels, the deforestation of forests, the industrial production of animals, the extinction of native peoples, and everything that leads us to global warming, provokes a will to act.
Think of the melting ice that raises sea levels, the drought, the air pollution, the famine, that result in the need for forced displacement of people, all of which causing … wars.
Time To Act searches for ways to broaden this awareness, an attitude for paradigm changes.
The installations give us the desire to change our standard of consumption and think about life with our positive contribution.
We believe that spreading the ideas of these young thinkers can inspire others to build a better future.