Luiza Kelly Assis De Oliveira

Luiza Kelly Assis De Oliveira

Luiza Kelly Assis De Oliveira/Ayrumã Tuxá- indigenous belonging to the Tuxá people, located in northern Bahia. She is an indigenous youth leader in the area covered by the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of NE, MG and ES – APOINME, a law student at the Federal University of Bahia – UFBA. Luiza is an intern in the Legal Department of APOINME, an activist of Fridays For Future Brazil, for the Non-White Front, a member of the Legal Support Service of Bahia-SAJU, and a member of the National Commission of Indigenous Youth-CNJI, representing the NE, MG, and ES.

Inathan Gomes Santos

Inathan Gomes Santos/Inathan Apako Tuxá – an indigenous member of the Tuxá people, located in northern Bahia, who currently lives in Santa Catarina, where he studies Civil Engineering – UDESC, and works in the Laklãnõ Xokleng Territory in the communication of the Xokleng Youth Organization. He is an activist in Fridays For Future Brazil, for the Non-White Front, and a communicator in the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of the South/ARPINSUl. Defender of the Indigenous Peoples and Sacred Forest.

Janderson Sarmento

Janderson Sarmento, consultant at the Sustainable Amazon Foundation, where he works in the department of Innovation and Sustainable Cities, member of the Creative Environmental Council chaired by the committee on Environment and Sustainable Development of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (ALEAM), acts on political incidence and advocacy. Campaigner for the project SOS Amazônia of Fridays For Future Brazil in which he coordinates the capacity building project for indigenous entrepreneurship, member of the Greenpeace Brazil Activism Team (TAG) of which he articulates, plans, operationalizes and executes non-violent direct actions of high impact profile, against companies and governments that present harmful risks to the environment. Enthusiastic altruist and mobilizer of social engagement.

Patricia Iasmim Chaves Travassos

Patricia Iasmim Chaves Travassos born and raised in the city of Ourém, in the interior of Pará. Student of Interdisciplinary Degree in Arts and its Technologies at UFSB, Popular Communicator, Activist for Climate and Racial Justice by Fridays For Future Brazil, Founder of Coletivo Climátikas Ouremenses.

Lívia Chaves Marcolin

Lívia Chaves Marcolin – Environmental activist of Climate Strike (Fridays for Future Brazil), who grew up living on a sailboat until she was 17, when she moved to Salvador-BA. Bachelor in Humanities and Law student at UFBA. Researcher in the area of environmental and climate justice, in the research group “Governance for Sustainability and Low Carbon Management”. Member of LACLIMA and MUC (Women United for Climate) networks. Co-founder of the environmental education project “Youth United for the Climate”. Participant in ISO Climate Change TC1.

Vienna Frances Wolf

Vienna Frances Wolf – graduating class of 2025 at Palisades High School. Growing up in Pacific Palisades, Vienna has spent her entire life looking out at Pacific Ocean. Summer camp, birthday parties and everyday activities were spent on the sand of the California coast. It’s no wonder volunteering for Heel the Bay, beach clean ups is something Vienna participated in for years. She is part of the Surf Rider Club at Pali High, and has gone door to door educating people about the importance of recycling and saving our marine life.